Saturday, March 25, 2017
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Estimated Book Release: Spring 2017!

Welcome to our small plot of African soil on the internet! American Boy, Nigerian Girl: A Love Memoir takes you on a ride through Nigeria as my wife and I fuse cultures (American and Nigerian) and join in matrimony.

We spent one month in Nigeria together with my wife's parents, preparing for our wedding. I kept a diary each day, which quickly grew into an amazing adventure filled with love, new foods, new places, illness, corruption and even bone chilling drives through the nighttime bush.

This site is more than just a book website, it is an extension of our continuing journey. While you're here, bop your head to the latest Nigerian songs, learn a little broken English, and check back monthly for Igbo proverbs.

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Pidgin: Na small-small dem dey catch monki
To catch a monkey, one has to be patient.
Meaning: Taking small steps will lead to victory.

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